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Welcome to our official website Lawgaint.com. On this website, I provide all kinds of Bangladeshi Technology, Education, News, Health, Media, Business, Sports, festivals, News, Quotes, Religion, Travel, Online earning like Blogging, Family, Friends, etc information.

You will get here these topic officials and authentic information. I collected all information officially. So you can make sure that all the information is correct. Don’t think about it. If you have any suggestions or compliments please contact us. You may give a short/quick Tip through Twitter and Facebook. or You may suggest us Article or give your feedback on Contact Us Page.

The influence of the mass media has existed since the invention of the writings and printing press. People need news/information for various reasons, on one hand, it can be used to socialize and on the other to make decisions and formulate opinions.

Lawgaint.com is dedicated to investigative journalism in Bangladesh. We will stand up for the good governance & Accountability of Government organizations. We Try to  Defend the civil rights and interests of Bangladesh against its enemy, and from traitorous Mirzafors.

Lawgaint.com provides information to citizens, convening groups around events and issues, and serving as a watchdog against injustice and enemy masterplan against the Proud nation-State ” Bangladesh”. We are more interested in the Informative Article and Fact Check rather than Click Bait.

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