Fahim, the Little Chess Prince / Fahim (2024)

  • Directed by : Pierre François Martin-Laval
  • Produced by : Waiting for Cinéma
  • Genre: Fiction – Runtime: 1 h 47 min
  • French release: 16/10/2019
  • Production year: 2019

Forced to flee his native Bangladesh, eight year-old chess prodigy Fahim arrives in Paris with his father. Refused asylum, as illegal immigrants they spiral downwards into homelessness and desperation.

By a stroke of luck, Fahim is introduced to one of France’s top chess coaches, Sylvain (real name: Xavier Parmentier), who tutors him and gives him a sense of purpose – his struggles on the chessboard mirroring both his victories and his crushing defeats in his battle for a normal life. Fahim then rises through local and national tournaments only to be crowned France’s Under-12 Chess Champion in 2012.

The film tells the story of a child who learns to live without his mother and without his father, far from home, from his roots and his language. Fahim’s tale is not only a moving account of the grim realities that underlie a supposedly caring society, but also a heartwarming testimony to a father’s determination, the kindness of strangers, and one small boy’s courageous will to succeed.

I am so happy to be part of this wonderful movie as 2nd AC. It was a great experience and memory..Big thanks to La Fabrique films and team Fahim.
Seen the movie in Rotterdam, yesterday. In a film house. To me personally it was a great movie to watch. Off course I leave every political aspect out. Just the story. Depardieu will always be a A+ actor. The whole cast actually was!👍

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