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How To Make Money Blogging For Beginners

A blog website could be a source of income for your lifetime. If you can make your site a little harder to stand up to. So from here you can earn a good amount of money every month. Which many of them are doing successfully.

If you write a good article regularly with a little trouble at the beginning, you can earn up to $5k+ per month from your blog.

You do not need to know much good English for this but if you wish you can now create a blog site in Local language and write articles in your local language itself. It is now possible to get many visitors through the blog site in your local language and now a good amount of money can be earned from the blog site.

The cheapest thing is that the website in Bangla or hindi is now offered by Google Adsense . As a result, the blog admins no longer have to wear any ads on the website. And the amount of income has increased a lot.

But yes if you can create a blog site in English then your success rate will be much higher because the English language visits are much higher than the Bengali language and if you create the blog in English then most of your visitors will come to Europe, America. Canada’s advertising prices are from these countries, which in our country is much more tulanaya English blog , and on your income The amount is increased.

How To Make Money Blogging For Beginners

If you wish, you can work part-time on your blog full-time on any basis, and you can spend your leisure time writing and writing on your blog . The better you remember, the more time you spend on your blog, the more likely you are to succeed.

So today, I will tell you how to create a blog site and how to build it. How to bring many visitors to that blog and how to earn from your blog, I will tell you everything A to Z today.

For those of you who are new and who know a little about this, this article will be of use to all. Here I have discussed everything about the blog site. I hope all of you will know something new from this article and you can earn 1 dollar per month. So even though it is a bit of time, everyone should try to read the entire nutrition carefully.

Blogging For Money – For Beginners

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  2. eBooks.
  3. Online Courses.
  4. Freelance Writing.
  5. Google Adsense.
  6. Coaching and Consulting.

What I will learn today from this article

  • What is a Blog?
  • How to create a blog website.
  • How to be a Blogger.
  • How to get visitors to the blog .

How to make money blogging for beginners

1 / What is a blog?

The  word blog is a Bengali synonym of English Blog, which is a kind of online personal diary or personal magazine. The term English Blog is an acronym for Weblog. Anyone who posts on a blog  is called a  blogger . Bloggers regularly add content to their websites and users can comment there. Also in recent times, blogs have become a medium of freelance journalism. One or more bloggers update their blog on recent events. {Source: Wikipedia}

You can compare the blog to your diary. Just like you write in your diary when you have a leisure time, writing a blog on a server-based web site online that is spread throughout the Internet.

The only difference between your diary and blog is that the content of your blog will be visible to anyone from anywhere in the world through the Internet only. And the articles in your diary can be seen by no one but you.

However yes to write in a diary but you have to bear the expense only a paper made diary which costs very little.

But for blogging, you must spend some money. To create a blog that requires domain name, hosting server, theme and more. All of these things have to be purchased even though they are available for free or not, but the free ones are not as durable.

A blog is a thing where anyone can write their own mind on whatever topic they want and it stays on the Internet forever. And it can be read by anyone who needs it. And may comment.

2 / How to create a blog

There are many ways to create a blog website. The best of them are to create a blog from WordPress and the other is to create a blog website from Blogger.

You can create a blog site from any one . If you wish, you can create a premium site for free or for some money.

I will tell you today how to create a blog website from WordPress .

Good to know If you want to create a blog with the purpose of making a real income, then I would tell you not to go for free, but it does cost some money but work with premium domain hosting and theme.

Whatever you need to create a blog site

1 / A domain name:

The domain name is the name of your site, such as This is a domain name . And the last part here is called domain (.Com). There are many different types of domains. For example {.net, .edu, .org, .mobi , .bd, .in, .info, .xyz,} from here that a domain (domain) to choose your domain (domain) nemati to create. There is also a free domain (.tk, .ga, .ml, gq, etc.).

2 / Hosting:

Your blog site requires a hosting server . A hosting server is a type of hard disk or memory that resides on the Internet. When you are on your site to create And even to your site different files or images, audio, video, etc. have to, then these files to maintain, even in a memory or space will be required in the memory or jayagakei is called hosting (hosting) , a variety of hosting the . Such as: Shared Hosting  , VPS Hosting, Reseller Hosting etc. Blog Sites generally do not require that much hosting. If you have 1 GB of hosting space for a year, you can still increase your demand accordingly. So you need hosting from any server. Have to take the raise.

3/ Have a Gmail account: 

You must have a Gmail account. If not, you must create a Gmail account. I’m at the beginning of this post for how to open a Gmail account is given the link to an article on the subject that is very dear prophesanali saw a Gmail (Gmail) account opening can take.

4 / A Premium Theme: 

What will be the design of your site, where is an element, what is the text font of your article, how much is the size, where is the color, in a word, the external view of your site is your theme. There is no comparison to a premium theme to protect the beauty of your site and attract visitors. Although there is no shortage of free themes in WordPress, the premium theme is the best. So creating your blog will require a premium theme .

How to start a blog and make money online

To create a site you must first register a domain name and hosting, there are numerous websites for this. One of the best I’ve ever seen in this site you enter a domain that you are happy (domain) , and a hosting (Hosting) will buy you your choice or from any therewith domain (domain) and hosting (hosting) you can take it No matter Then they will give you a site control panel to control your site through which you can control everything on your site.

Once the domain hosting has been taken, you will have to login to the control panel and search for WordPress from the software options.

Then install WordPress and from there you will get a blog site where you can write any article or post you want.

If you know the work of webdesign and web development then you will not have to worry about it. You can develop and customize your blog very well. But if you do not know how to work, but you do not have to either work with developers to buy custom themes.

In this case it is good to say that if you want to do this by increasing the amount of developers, you will have to pay a lot of costs. Which may not be possible for many. So I think there are a lot of good custom themes available at low prices, from which you can purchase a theme and install it on your blog.

This will reduce your costs in many ways and allow you to customize and customize your theme the way you want. Because you don’t need to know the coding anymore to customize the current premium themes.

You can customize everything from WordPress to theme customization options. Without doing everything you can control most tasks from there without any coding knowledge.

How to post on a blog

After logging into your blog and entering the dashboard you will see an option called Post from there, you will see a blank box by clicking on New Post. There you have to write your post, then give a title of that post and give a thumbnail of your post or article so that the post is nice to look at. Then, according to the specifications of the post, the category will be published only after clicking on the publish button.

3 / How to be a successful Blogger

You can write about something when you know it very well. This is why you need to keep a little in mind when determining the topic of the blog, how do you know about the subject you are planning to blog .

Suppose you saw the technology poison to write on a very good blog because everyone has great interest in technology , so if you write about this topic you will get a lot of visitors.

After thinking about this, you have spent some money and made a blog. Now you have a blog, it is very beautiful, there is no place to like.

Now the job is to post on the site but after you post your blog you do not know anything about that technology then how do you write something for others on your blog.

So when creating a blog, you must keep in mind your ability. You also know what you don’t know. Determine the topic of your blog as a blog that you can write very nicely.

And if you think I don’t know anything then what will I do if I can’t earn from the blog site or write in any subject?

If you think so, I will tell you yes. But that’s why you have to follow a rule.

For this, set some keywords on the topic you will create your blog site, then search on Google with those keywords and see some good and big blog site. You will find where many experienced people have written many articles on those blogs. You will pay close attention to those articles and then lend a little on those things. After gaining credit, you will try to write your article better than all of those articles only then you will be able to write many well-regarded articles on your blog by exploiting their experience and applying your present wisdom.And publish it. Everyone will love the articles you write.

You must remember that your blog must try to give something so that everyone can learn and learn something new from you. And try to give your writing a lot of detail and the details of what you write.

So that everyone can understand and get some benefit, your blog will be on the list of people to come to.

This is how you will become a successful blogger.

4/ How to get visitors to the blog

Visitors are the life of a website or blog. One of the biggest challenges of a site is to bring a visitor to that site.

Most blog admins leave here because they are unable to bring visitors to their blog after many attempts, they think that it is impossible to bring visitors to the blog. Because letting a person know about your blog that your blog actually contains standard content that you can actually learn something from is a very difficult thing to do, unless you really know the right way.

Once you have spent a lot of money and made a blog site, you are writing a lot of good articles regularly on that site, but no one is entering your site to read that article. That means your true purpose is not being achieved.

How would you feel then. No fault of your visitors as it is not your fault because most people may not know about your site. As a result no one enters your site.

So your first task is to let a lot of people know that your site has these issues that can really work for them.

Most of the new bloggers in our country are regarded as a very difficult task .

But following a few rules will make it a lot easier and I will tell you the rules now that if you follow those rules, you will soon win the hearts of your visitors and bring a lot of visitors to your blog.

How to bring visitors to your blog

1. Sharing via Social Media : Pretty Article Article on Your Blog Share a LOT of Social Media Profiles on Your Vibrant Social Media Profile. I hope you know very well how many users of social media sites today. All the people around you and all your friends are connected to some social media site. So if you like all social media sites ( Facebook , Twitter , gugalaplasa , Instagram , linkadim etc.) on all of these with all your friends share your article you also very much from here visitors (visitors) to get.

But if they blog (blog) by entering your text like your and does not care, because they are now your site on a regular basis will enter your text article (Article) to read for you a quality article should be written so that your friends in your writing Interested in learning something from the article.

This way you can get lots of visits from different social media websites for your blog. So as much as you can share your articles on your social media website.

{Note: When sharing your article via social media, you must not do anything extra. Of course in this case your conscience will be useful. Remember that nothing is better than your sharing pattern so as not to cause annoyance to your friend, you are more likely to lose than gain.

2 / Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Make Your Blog Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This will allow your blog to be easily understood by various search engines and they will display your site at the top of their search results as much as possible.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the tasks that your site needs to optimize so that any search engine can easily understand your site. Information that matters to the search engine, including when a visitor visits a search engine. When you search by typing a keyword, your site will appear above the search result in that visitor is more likely to enter your site and if you enter your blog site then you have a visitor.

This way you can get lots of visits to your blog . For this you must gain knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and apply them regularly so you will continue to get results after a while. Although it is a very time consuming and patient thing. Even if you can work accurately the success rate is 100%.

3. Posting Frames: You can post on various popular Frames sites and give your site a link below that post, so you will get some visitors from that frame for your blog. If you are regularly associated with many popular frame sites then through this frame post you will be able to get lots of visits to your blog.

For this you have to find some of the best frame sites and then open an account by registering in your own name. Then you will see that many people have questioned their unknown things. If you have knowledge on that topic then you can answer that person’s question and you can give the link to your blog at the end of that reply. This way you will get many visitors regularly.

4. Sharing Links with Other Blogs : Suppose your blog contains visitors. And just like you, a blog that has funny visitors but that blog publishes an article on an article other than the topic of your blog article.

Then you can share the link of your blog with his blog and link to his blog on your blog by talking to the admin of that blog. However, two blogs are on two things so it should not be harmful to anybody but it will be beneficial.

But it may or may not work because most admins don’t want to do it. You can also try it out.

But if you can make such a deal with a few blogs, but this way you can bring a lot of visitors to your blog.

How to earn from a blog

Suppose everything on your site is fine so far I’ve done everything I’ve said.

Your blog site has created many good posts and many good posts and through proper optimization ( SEO ), your blog now enters a lot of good visitors every day.

Suppose you have published 3-5 articles on your site, and about 5 visitors every day to read those articles, then at that time, someone would enter your site and say that someone has entered.

So now the thing is, after doing so much, I still have not received any money That is the question. Those who ask this question may not know why the money is earned on the blog and who or what is giving the money.

So for them, first of all you need to understand why the money is earned on the blog and who gives the money or what profit or money they give the money. Many of the newcomers are thinking or imagining that many people spend money on their internet site, so seeing money is actually available, but it is not money on the Internet.

Then where does the money come from and who gives it the money?

Then I tell you that these money are paid by different advertising companies. They promote their company by promoting your ads on your blog or any of their products in return for which they give you money.

As a result, you can understand whether they give you money or buy or pay for profit.

So the more visitors enter your site, the more people will see that ad, and the more products are sold, the more you will be paid by that advertising company.

Where do I take ads?

You don’t have to worry about getting ads because there are different types of sites where you can advertise for your site or blog.

One such website is Google Adsense . Google AdSense is one of the most popular and trusted advertisers in the world.

You can also contact various local companies near your niche and earn their advertising by promoting your blog.

Besides, when your blog becomes very popular, you can earn money by promoting various sites or YouTube channels. There are many other ways to earn money. If you can make your site popular in that way, you will not have to run behind your money. . So without thinking of money first, it is better to keep in mind that the site is bigger.

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