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According to the agreement, will have to pay a 25 paisa service charge for each ticket. Where CNS had to pay about three rupees. It will be easy to understand the work within the next 21 days. For the next 18 months, they will continue to work on the previous server (Railways’ own server). Then, if necessary, change the ticketing system and work on its own server.

The sale of online tickets of Bangladesh Railway for March 26 to 29 resumed at 6pm on Friday, after remaining suspended from March 21 to facilitate the handover of responsibilities to a new service provider. Online Train Ticket sell Start:

However, the Railways Ministry on Thursday issued a notification on the relaunch of the online ticketing system through “Shohoz” from March 26.

The notification said, on Friday, only tickets for inter-city trains of 77 listed stations starting from March 26 will be available on the computerized system of “Shohoz-Synesis-Vinsen JV’ or online. Online Train Ticket Buy System

Shohoz will jointly lead the Bangladesh Railway online ticketing system. Shohoz Company is designing integrated ticketing system for BD Railways. Therefore, the e-ticket service of Bangladesh Railway has announced to stop the purchase of online tickets from March 21 to March 26. Passengers can book tickets online on March 26, 2022.

Here follows a step-by-step guide on how to create an account on the new BR online ticketing platform and make bookings –

Account creation: 

Step 1: First visit this link

Step 2: Click on “registration” or “create a new account”

Step 3: Provide the website with your personal information – user name, DoB, NID or birth certificate number, address, contact number with an email address

Step 4: Check if all the information are correct and then click on “submit”

Step 5: A verification code will be sent to the designated mobile number after a while

Step 6: Enter the security code on the e-ticket website and click on registration.

Then you will receive an email from BR with a link to complete your registration

⇒Register Now⇒

Ticket purchase: 

  • Visit
  • Log in to your account using your email address, password and security code
  • After successfully logging in, click on “purchase”
  • Then select the date of your journey, the starting station, the destination station, class of the train, and the number of seats
  • Then the website will display the name of the train and the number of seats available
  • You can manually choose your seats or make the selection process automatic
  • Click on the “purchase ticket” if your preferred seats are available

⇒Register Now⇒

In order to confirm the reservation, payment of the selected fare must be made in full.

Payments can be confirmed via credit, debit or cash cards as well as different MFS platforms.

After which, BR will send an online copy of the ticket to the passenger’s email address.

The passenger has to collect the original copy of the ticket from the departure station after showing the online copy to the designated railway desk with a valid photo ID.

Some 90,000 train tickets are issued daily while about 27 lakh monthly through computers. About 50% of these tickets are being issued online or through mobile apps.

shohoz Mobile App Download

The mobile app for train ticket purchase you can download on your android, ISO, Microsoft phone now. By following the next steps you will do complete to download train, bus tickets from here very easily.

Online Train Ticket Booking New System by Rules/Procedures for Purchase of Tickets in E-Ticketing System

Rules/Procedures for Purchase of Tickets in E-Ticketing System

Registration process: (to be done only once).

First, you need to access the website.

Click on the “Registration” button at the bottom of the website.

There will be a new page called “Create an Account“. Here, the corresponding cells of “Personal Information” were filled in with the necessary information: the security code should be filled in with the “Security Code” displayed next to the cell and click on the Register button.

If all the information is correct, a new page called “Registration Successful” will appear.

An e-mail from the e-ticketing system will be sent immediately from the e-mail address given to you by Bangladesh Railway.

You need to open the e-mail provided by Bangladesh Railway in the message box of your e-mail. Click on the “Click” link stored inside the message. After this process, the registration process of the passenger will be completed.

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  1. I think this is a great idea! I always forget to print my train tickets out, and this would be a great way to keep track of where I am and when I need to get off.

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