Days Of The Week In English 2024

Days of the week in English. The days of the week in English are known to is internationally used all over the world. Even the school going children are familiar to these days at an early age. The 7 days of the week in English are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. These names came mainly from the Greeks.

Days of the week in English

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Monday, the English week starts on Monday. International standard (ISO) declared this day the first day of the week. In the European calendar, Monday holds the 1st position of a week. Some countries of the world count it as the second day.

The word Monday came from Latin dies lunae which means ‘’ day of the moon’ ’in western countries Monday is observed with soft religious status. In every church, this day is celebrated with a special prayer, rhymes recitations, and other formalities.

Days Of The Week In English

The Christian people often fast on this day as it is the day of angels on their faith. They try to pass this day with their family because they believe that angels come to their families on this day. In Muslims, it is the day of birth of their holy prophet Muhammad (sm.) according to hadith.

So it has a huge honor, Islam. According to recent statistics in London, a huge number of suicide happened on Monday. So it is marked as a suicide day. Tuesday is the second day of the week in English and according to the ISO. But according to the United States calendar, Tuesday is the 3rd day of the week.

It is also a busy office day in most countries. Tuesday is commonly used for elections in the United States. The planet Mars is associated with Tuesday which has astrological value too. Tuesday is famous for worshiping in Hindu culture. This day is special for them to worship Hanuman, Durga, Kali, Ganesh, etc.

Days Of The Week In English

They used to fast on this day. Christians dedicate this day to Saint John the Baptist. Some special events across the world are associated with Tuesday like Melbourne Cup which held on the first Tuesday in November. The great Stock Market Crash of 1929 in the United States was held on a Tuesday which is known as a black Tuesday in history.

They’re also seen Super Tuesday, Easter Tuesday, Patch Tuesday, Shrove Tuesday in the modern world. Wednesday. The day after Tuesday in English week is Wednesday. It is the third day of the English week. It is the middle of the working week.

7 Days of the Week

Wednesday translates to ’the middle’ in many Slavic languages. Americans call it ‘’hump day (the middle of the working week). There is a God in the German pantheon named Woden. Wednesday is named after his name as it called the ‘’ day of Woden’’ The planet Mercury is associated with Wednesday. The Japanese call this planet Suisei which means ‘’water star’’.

So they marked this day as ‘’water day’ ’In Iraq people celebrate the Yezidi festival usually on Tuesday. It is known as red Wednesday in history. Thursday. In the English calendar, the 4th day is Thursday. It is named after the Roman god ‘’Thor. ’Some people know him as ‘’Jupiter.’’ Greeks call him ‘’Zeus’’. Thursday is the day of Zeus for the Greeks.

Thursday is a half-day in schools and colleges. There are some events related to Thursday. In the United States, there is a tradition in high schools to wear green dresses on Thursday for the gays. In the field of religion, Thursday has different appearances. The Muslims meet this day with voluntary is the deeds (Sunnah) of their prophet.

The Christians celebrate this day as Holy Thursday. It is part of their holy week. In Judaism, this day is an auspicious fasting day. This is also fixed for reciting the Torah (book of Judaism). It has an appearance in Hindu civilization also. Thursday reminds us that the week is going by. Thursday has astrological value.

Days Of The Week In English


The person born on Tuesday is thought to be very lucky. The astrologer thinks that he will prosper in his future life. They will get leadership in their upcoming life. In English literature, there are many poetry, songs, novel about Thursday. In the United States, it is a half bank holiday. This day is also celebrated as ‘’thanksgiving day’’ there.

In Australian cities, it is the taxpaying day. People pay their dues in this day, especially at the shopping malls. Friday. The fifth day of the English week is Friday. In the Maldives, it is the first day and in Iraq, it is the last day of the week. It is the weekend in the United Arab Emirates. It is named after the Greek goddess Frigg.

Days Of The Week In English

She is the goddess of love and fertility. From the old English name of Friday, it means ‘’ day of Frigg’’. In Latin and French dictionary Friday is named after Venus. This is another name of the Norse goddess of love and fertility. The Muslims call it their weekly day of happiness (Eid). On this day the Muslims have other religious performances.

The Christians observe this day as their Good Friday. In Hinduism, it is the day of worshipping their goddess-like Durga, Parvati, and Gowry, etc. In some cultures, Friday 13th is considered to be very unlucky. Because 13 is an unlucky number. When it is get attached to Friday it becomes a black Friday.

It also related to a sad occurrence in history. On the contrary, in many countries, there is nothing unlucky with this day. In Bangladesh, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, it is a respectful day. The Hebrides choose this day as a lucky day for sowing seeds. Good Friday is believed to be lucky for planting potatoes.

Western people celebrate a Casual Friday to dress informally. The workers in the United Kingdom and Australia wait for Friday to enjoy their last workday. Saturday comes after Friday in English week. It has a warm feeling for the people as the weekend is coming next.

The days of the week in English:

The name of this day mainly came from the Roman god ‘’Saturnus’’. He was believed as the owner of the planet Saturn. This day has different names in different languages. There are some examples narrated below: German: Sam stag Hebrew: Shabbat Hindi and Bangla: sanivaar Japanese: doyobi Korean: tho yo il Saturday is a holiday in Nepal.

It is considered a national holiday in Bangladesh. In New Zealand and Australia, it is considered an election day. It is the day after Good Friday among the Christians. They named it Easter eve in the Philippines. Sunday is the weekend for English. They observe this day as their rest day. Sunday is the Lord’s Day for the Christians.

They pass this day with worship the Jesus Christ. The Romans respect this day as the day of their Sun god. They believed him as the source of life and energy on earth. Almost all the day of English named after the planets. Sunday is named after the biggest daystar ‘’Sun’’. It has a spread history of its naming.

All the government offices remain closed on Sunday in the United States. In some European countries such as Germany, Belgium, Sweden, France, it is observed as Election Day. At last, we can say that there are some external reasons for making this day a holiday. So, in the English calendar, it holds the position of weekend.

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