Days of the week in French 2023

Days of the week in French. There are thousands of languages in the world. Every courtly, there has state language and besides it, there have many local languages. People of each region mark days for their necessity of calculation. So in various languages, the names of the days of the week are different. Even it varies from a local language to another.

The French language is a very popular language in Europe. Besides English French is a dominating language in the world but it mostly used in European countries. There are a fully different day code for a week is available in French language.

The Days of the week in French:

Like other languages here in the French language there is some history of the name of days of the week. And there also have the meaning of these names. But some similarities also find in the meaning of these names with days in other languages. Now we will make a small discussion about the name of weekdays in the French language. In French a week is called une semaine and days of the week is called jours de la Semaine.

At first, it’s necessary to know about the names of days of a week in French. Here in the French language, a week starts with Monday.

  • The name of Monday is lundi in French
  • And Tuesday is mardi
  • Wednesday is mercredi
  • Thursday is jeudi
  • Friday is vendredi 
  • Saturday is samedi
  • And the last one is Sunday which is called Dimanche.

Days of the week in French Table

EnglishFrench TranslationEnglish Pronunciation
Mondaylundi luhn-DEE
TuesdayMardi mahr-DEE
Wednesdaymercredi mehr-kruh-DEE
Thursdayjeudi juh-DEE
Fridayvendredi vahn-druh-DEE
Saturdaysamedi sahm-DEE

Here one thing is also notable that the names do not start with a capital letters which occurs in English weekday names. And as there has a fact of gender in French words. So all the names of days are masculine in gender.

The names come from the name of planets because in ancient French the people worship these planets and the sun and moon.

 So the determine in which day which planet will be idolized. Such as in Monday they adored the moon as in the French language the moon called la lune so the name of the day become lundi. Thus all the names of days come from the name of planets.

Now we see the meanings of the names of the days.

All Days of the week in French:

The days of the week come from the Latin language and the names of gods. Di comes from the Latin word dies.

Lundi (Monday) means lunae dies which in French jour de la lune or in English the day of moon. The Romans adore the moon as a representative of good, the think moon as the god of welfare. It is the first day of the week in France. After passing a holiday people join in their job with a fresh mind, so it is a busy day in French.

Mardi (Tuesday) means marties dies which in French jour de mars or in English the day of mars. The day was named after the Roman god merits who is considered the god of war and sky. Mardi is called the children’s day at all in French le jour des enfants because in this day school often be over early and the children get a chance to play in the afternoon and enjoy their time within a week

Mercredi (Wednesday) means mercurii dies which in French jour de mercure or in English the day of mercury. In another aspect Mercredi comes from Odin’s day, Odin was a messenger of God, he was the king of Norse god. In Roman history Mercredi was the messenger god.

Days of the week in French

Jeudi (Thursday) means jovis dies which in French jour de Jupiter or in English the day of Jupiter. The Romans considered thunder as a god which called in French Jove, another name of thunder was Jupiter. English Thursday also comes from the name of Thor. Vendredi (Friday) means Veneris dies which in French jour de Venus or in English the day of Venus.

Venus was the name of the goddesses of beauty. It named after the Roman goddess Venus or dies Veneris. In English, the name comes from the god of Norse Freya. Vendredi is the day before the holiday. Samedi (Saturday) means sabbati dies which in French jour de sabbat or in English the day of sabbat

It comes from Judaism and Christian origin. On this day French people meet their friends enjoy cultural activities and make a party, it is the day of enjoyment in French tradition because all most all the cultural program arrange on this day. Another cause of enjoyment is that it is the day before the holiday. So people come back from their workplaces in the afternoon and enjoy the night.

Days of the week in French

Dimanche (Sunday) means dies Dominica which in French jour de seigneur or in English the lords day. Once Dimanche was the first day of a week in the medieval Catholic Church. It is a holiday in France. There has no work in the day so many people arrange French traditional meals and pass a good time with their family.

These are the days in French, their meanings, history of appellative and activities of French people in these days. But here it is important to know that all the naming systems of days of the week in the world quite similar. Because all are influenced by roman literature because that time the roman is the powerful and dominating nation in the world.

Days of the week in French

The designate these days with the name of their gods and name the planets also and worship them. So all over the world have taken some part of roman naming and make their own weekday names. Like Romans, some other nations give names with the name of their own god. Hope all of you are getting all the information about Days of the week in French.

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