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As I mentioned earlier, this post is for broadband users only! Today, the topic of our writing is high speed ftp server bd 2021, broadband users will see in the net package ads, especially it is written that youtube speed and FTP server speed are different. For example, in a package of 5Mbps, youtube and FTP servers have a speed of 20/30 Mbps. The FTP server is the folder of your ISP’s server’s computer where they upload movies, series, songs, games, software, etc. of their choice. For those who are heavyweight users, it is difficult to imagine a single day without a BDIX movie server.

At present, all ISPs in the country offer the facility of BDIX servers. The BDIX server is the FTP server of every single ISP in the country available to all broadband users in the country. This means that you can use Link3’s FTP server without being a user of Link3. However, some ISPs have BDIX external servers that are in exclusive form. Remember, the FTP server is much better than the torrent. Because if you want to download something from the domestic torrentbd, but if it does not have a seed, then you will not get any speed. But to download something from the FTP server, Seed/Leech does not have a headache about it.

What is BDIX?
It stands for Bangladesh Internet Service Exchange. Now suppose your ISP or your Internet service provider has a minimum of 1 FTP server. No matter how fast you take the net connection from this one server, you can download files from that server at a very fast speed. Now in this way, all the high-level ISP or big major ISP organizations of Bangladesh have created BDIX. That is, suppose 100 ISPs of Bangladesh have created BDIX together, then if your ISP is supported by BDIX, then you can download from the BDIX server at high speed from the FTP server of those 100 ISPs.

Take a lot of time to visit your friend’s house. Go there and see that your friend is browsing on the site. Then you’ll think it’s another kind of site! It’s actually a BDIX FTP server. You can read our detailed article about the BDIX servers you can use from your ISP. You can also use some BDIX servers for your internet from the PC and find it out!

BDIX Server BD
To my personal knowledge there are about 350+ BDIX FTP public servers in the country. But you won’t need 20 bay shi for you. If you get regular updates, you will get movies, songs, software, games on only 1/2 servers. Our post has been updated to suit 2021.

By clicking on the links, the server will open in a separate tab. So let’s take a look at all the BDIX servers in the country:

All BDIX Connected FTP Server BD List 2021

Honorable Mentions:
In addition to the servers mentioned in the list above, there is also a much better BDIX FTP. But I can’t access them here, so it’s not listed. First of all, the name of the UniqueFTP site comes up. The latest everything will be found on this site even if it is a little late. Then came the names of bdplex, crazyhd, timepassbd, sky net online, powernetbd, bdiptv, and many more servers. However, keep in mind that if your ISP has its own FTP server, you will get the highest speed in it. There are some other servers that are no less than the list above, but I couldn’t write a detailed description because I didn’t submit to my ISP, but you can try it out. I am trying to update the list regularly, if you want to share any information, you can comment below. Since 2020, several FTP servers have changed in 2021, our list has been updated a bit with the best websites of the year. According to the performance throughout the year, you can see some more changes in the list in 2021.

Top BDIX FTP Server list 2023

  1. Movie Mela Live
  2. Movie Haat
  3. Discovery FTP
  4. VootBd
  5. OnBDIX
  6. Natural BD
  7. Boss BD
  8. Moja Loss
  9. The Introvision
  10. Fun Time BD

More Active

  1. Quick Online FTP
  2. E-Box File Server
  3. IT Base BD
  4. Movie Server – English
  6. Movie Server – Bangla
  7. Dhaka Movie
  8. Seba IT
  9. Panda Club BD
  10. Jhal Muri
  11. Asian FTP
  12. Net@Home BD
  13. Dhaka – FTP
  14. .Net Movie Server
  15. VdoMela FTP 
  16. Media FTP
  17. GenVideos
  18. Dnet Drive FTP
  19. Inspire FTP
  20. Bongo BD FTP
  21. SAM FTP
  22. Mango Gamers
  23. CrazyCTG
  24. MyBDPlex
  25. Net Matrix BD
  26. Quick Online
  27. City Cloud
  28. Kiss Anime
  29. Movie Box BD
  30. BD Lan
  31. DFN DB
  32. Spark Net BD

How to get more BDIX Server?

Here we provide the Top & best BDIX Server list 2022. Visiting all these servers you can find anything that we want. All the latest movies, PC & Android Software, Games, etc you can find on these servers. All the server download speed is very high. Given below all the latest and update BDIX Server list.

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