Global Warming Paragraph For HSC

Global Warming Paragraph For HSC. Today I share with you the trending topic of Global Warming. Here You will get full information about Global Warming’s good storyline with a paragraph for HSC. SO if you want to know What is global warming? then read this article properly.

Global Warming Paragraph For HSC

Global warming is a rapid increase in the average temperature on the surface of the earth. Due to human activities, random cutting of trees, fuel burning, manufacturing of greenhouse gas emissions the global warming arose. Since 1775, the unstrained temperature of the earth has increased 0.15-0.25°C per decade. The rate is increasing day by day. Our planet is becoming warmer. If we don’t take any steps to reduce global warming, we will subside one day. There is a certain contention for global warming. Let’s know the causes and solutions of global warming and save our precious planet.

Cause and Effect of Global Warming Paragraph

What causes global warming? Deforestation: Deforestation is the main reason for global warming. 10 percent of global warming happens because of deforestation. Green plants take carbon dioxide and release oxygen in the air by photosynthesis. Carbon is stored in plants and helps plants to grow. But random cutting trees increase the emission level of carbon dioxide in the air. And the result is global warming. We don’t have to think much about the solution to deforestation. Not only will reducing deforestation help to overcome the greenhouse problem but we have to plant a huge amount of green plants.

Human Activities: Greenhouse gas like – methane, nitrous oxide fluoridated gas releases from various vehicles and mix in the air. People cut trees for shelter and furniture. Burning coal and oil produces carbon monoxide. Factory farming or manufacturing also causes global warming. Overuse of electricity increases the temperature in the environment. These all are man-made causes of global warming. People have to be aware of his actions. Reducing oil-powered machines and vehicles, cutting fewer trees, using renewable sources of power instead of coal and oil, and using less electricity can solve these problems.

Global Warming Paragraph:

Variations in the sun’s intensity: Earth receives its heat from the sun. So it is logical to say that the climate is slightly changing because the energy coming from the sun varies. The average energy coming from the sun remained the same till 1750. As the upper layer started cooling, the bottom layers became warmer. as a result, ice is melting. after a few days, the lower part of any country goes underwater. There is nothing we can do about the rotation of the earth and the intensity of the sun. So we have to stop the man-made reasons to reduce global warming.

Garbage: Gathering an excess amount of trash and garbage in landfills releases methane and nitrous oxide gas. It causes global warming. Food wastage and garbage are responsible for about 6-8 percent of global warming. Wastage of water is also a cause of warming. No wonder, this problem can only be solved by our responsibility. We should keep our environment clean. Seminars and consultations about cleanliness should be held sometimes. Wastage of food and water should be reduced.

Plastic: Used plastic causes 4-8 percent of global warming. Plastic shopping bags, bottles are unintelligible. These plastics end up breaking into seas, beaches, and parks, increasing the emission level of carbon and nitrous oxide gas. We have to use either intelligible or reusable handbags and water bottles. There are indeed some intelligible plastics invented by scientists, we can use them for one-time use.

So, here are some issues that cause global warming. Although we can’t bring the normal temperature of the earth, we can decrease the emission of greenhouse gases and make the planet a little better by doing these little things. Hope You get the Global Warming Paragraph fully. 

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