Somoy TV YouTube Channel hacked! New Name- Ethereum 2.0

The official YouTube channel of Somoy TV, a renowned Bangladeshi news channel, was reportedly hacked. Local netizens came across the changed channel name earlier today.

At the time of this writing, the Somoy TV YouTube channel has been renamed to Ethereum 2.0.

Ethereum is a popular crytocurrency in the global market, considered second in value to Bitcoin. Currently, 1 unit of Ethereum equals to Tk. 1,30,927.81, according to Google.

Salauddin Salim, Head of Broadcast and IT of Somoy TV, informed UNB that the channel was freed from hackers 10 minutes into the incident. However, the YouTube channel name Ethereum 2.0 remains in place because there has been a directive from YouTube to not allow any changes to the channel name due to an ongoing investigation into the hack.

The news portal of Somoy TV,, was also attacked by the hackers, but the attack was thwarted immediately.

Somoy TV YouTube channel was hacked today, October 16, 2022, about 3 hours ago, the incident became a trending topic across the country. But, no need to worry! Somoy TV YouTube channel is now safe, confirmed by Facebook post and news.

Somoy TV YouTube: Latest Update

It is suspected that the ones who hacked the Somoy TV YouTube channel want ransom in the form of Ethereum. However, there is currently no confirmation regarding the hackers’ intention as of yet.

Authorities said we were successful in getting our channel back and stopping the activity from the hacker side. But, the name from “Somoy TV” to “Ethereum 2.0” remains unchanged. YouTube authorities advised not to change the name without further investigation, according to news reports.

Note that hackers suddenly attacked the world’s most popular YouTuber channel owned by Somoy News. Hackers had full access to the channel for about 10 minutes. This incident happened around 12:30 noon today.

Somoy TV YouTube Channel hacked

Somoy TV YouTube Channel had monetisation enabled for its videos. With 17.2 million subscribers, the YouTube channel is a big source of revenue for Somoy TV.

As per latest updates, Somoy TV has taken back control of its YouTube channel after the recent hacking incident.

According to a report by UNB, the hacking incident occurred at 12:30 pm.

Somoy TV YouTube Channel, with over 17 Million subscribers has been hacked by Hacker Team. The hacker changed the Channel Name to Ethereum 2.0. In the meantime, the news has been spread on social media platforms. Millions of users are shocked when they found that the channel name has changed.

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