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TEB Rimon Free Fire UID, K/D ratio || TEB Gaming

TEB Rimon Free Fire UID, K/D ratio || TEB Gaming. Welcome TEB Gaming Official YouTube Channel. In this post, I provide TEB Rimon FF Uid code, His gameplay, his rank stats. He loves to Play Games and Live Streaming. Please support TEB Gaming and stay with him.

TEB full from is Team Elite Bangladesh. It’s a Free Fire popular Guild name of Bangladeshi server. The guild owner’s name is Rimon from Naogaon, Rajshahi, Bangladesh. He has a youtube channel too. his youtube channel name is TEB Gaming. There has now 650k+ subscribers. And they have 780k followers on Facebook.

TEB Rimon is now Grandmaster Top 10 in India Region. Basically, he plays with his Squad & uses Ak47 & M82B Gun in the rank match.

TEB Rimon Free Fire UID:

  • TEB Rimon Free Fire Id code: 464337498
  • TEB Rimon FF Id code: 764882248
  • PC Configaratio0n: Core i9, 32GB RAM, 8 GB Graphics, 28 Inch Monitor, 21 Inch Monitor.
  • Laptop Config: Ryzen 9, 16GB RAM, 6 GB Graphics, 1TB SSD.

How To Join The TEB Gaming Guild

Like other’s big popular guild they have also some rules. You need to follow some simple rules to join their guild. If you are a rusher your KD must be 3-4. And if you are a pusher your KD must be 8+. And the other rule is your id level will be 70+ minimum. You have to also do polite behave with other players.

TEB Rimon Gameplay:

This video was uploaded by Rimon, He plays with Bangladeshi legend Nayeem Alam.


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