Top 10 Food YouTubers In India 2021

Top 10 Food YouTubers In India 2021. hello guys, in this content, I am showing the list of current top 10 Indian cooking channels on youtube. Youtube is the best platform to view various topic videos. If you are a food lover or cooking lover, then this post for you. Cause here you find the best top 10 youtube cooking channels and know the best Food YouTubers In India.

Top 10 Indian food YouTubers

Following those YouTubers, you will learn so much foods recipe. Below I give the list of top 10 Food Youtubers In India 2021. This information was collected manually from youtube.

Top 10 Food Youtubers in India list:

NameSubscribers Count
  1. Nisha Madhulika- Subscribers: 10.2 million
  2. CookingShooking Hindi- Subscribers: 9.61 million
  3. Kabita’s Kitchen- Subscribers: 8.75 million
  4. BharatzKitchen- Subscribers: 7.75 million
  5. Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana- Subscribers: 5.97 million
  6. Cook with Parul- Subscribers: 4.59 million
  7. Easy Home Tips- Subscribers: 2.38 million
  8. Ray Kitchen- Subscribers: 3.13 million
  9. Chef Ranveer- Subscribers: 1.92 million
  10. Zingy Zest- Subscribers: 86.1K

Top 10 Indian Cooking Channels on Youtube

1. Nisha Madhulika-

personally, I liked Nisha Madhulika. Cause, even she is a middle-age person that makes 10 million subscribers on a food/Cooking topic youtube channel. Her presentation is very sweety. I think that’s why she got subs more then Sanjeev Kapoor. she uploaded 1600+ different recipes for you. Her channel name NishaMadhulika.

2. CookingShooking-

Yaman Agarwal is the owner of the “CookingShooking” & “CookingShooking Hindi” channel. Both channels have a huge subscriber. CookingShooking Hindi has more than 9.60+ million and the other channel has 3.60+ million Subscribers.  he is a food enthusiast who likes to explore cuisines and give a new twist to it through his cooking. Yaman Agarwal likes to explore cuisines through his cooking. He also gives a new twist every recipe. You can check his video on youtube and tell us your comment.

3. Kabita’s Kitchen

Kabita Sharma is the owner of Kabita’s Kitchen youtube channel. She first uploads his video on youtube in the year of 2014.. she also a great housewife. Normally every housewife has a passion is cooking. so she shows that on the social media platform. And she succeeds. she makes more than 8.75 million subscribers.

4. BharatzKitchen

bharatzkitchen HINDI and bharatzkitchen both owner the same person. he has 4 youtube channels. He started his youtube career in 2016. He makes all recipes interesting style & makes looks simple but tasty. he has 7.75 million followers on his main youtube channel.

Top 10 Indian Food Channels on Youtube

5. Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana

Sanjeev Kapoor is one of the most popular chefs in the Indian cooking community. On Zee TV he makes a show ‘Khana Khazana’. This is a very old story. Now he all recipes shows on the youtube platform. Every day he makes different types of recipes, which looks awesome. But he has not enough followers than others. But he is a legend on Indian chefs.

6. Cook with Parul- 

Parul Gupta is a housewife. he joined in youtube 2017, not so far. Now her subscribers count 4.58 million.

7. Easy Home Tips

She has not given her personal information on youtube. that’s why I can’t tell her personal information. but she joined in 2016 on youtube. And total Subscribers 2.38 million.

Top 10 Indian Youtube Cooking Channels

8. Chef Ranveer

Ranveer Brar is one of the youngest chefs in India. Ranveer Brar also the most famous judge of Masterchef India Season. he makes his dishes with his smile. you can’t forget it. he has over 1.91 million subscribers on youtube.

9. Ray Kitchen

Ray is a beautiful woman in the Indian cooking community. he makes most of the recipe for babies or kids. she has 2.13 million subscribers on her youtube channel Ray Kitchen. So visit her channel for your kids.

10. Zingy Zest

Sarah Hussain is the owner of the Zingi zest channel. It’s a new channel. She is a popular food maker on Instagram. Basically, she visits all kinds of food stores and restaurants. she has only 85.7K subscribers with 161 videos.

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